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The Stories

ESL Reads are engaging and relevant stories for young adults learning English. They are written for English as an Additional Language or dialect (EAL/D) students with low literacy. 

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ESL Reads is an expanding platform for teachers of EAL/D learners. We want you to be able to have access to all of our current resources, as well as our future resources and features to come!

What's included?

What do the teachers think?

"They are really well-written and illustrated for IEC students and fit our curriculum beautifully."

EAL/D Head Teacher
New Arrivals Program, NSW
"I highly recommend these books. Students could relate to the characters and had often had similar experiences in their own settlement in Australia."
EAL/Literacy Coordinator
VCAL at an EAL Senior Secondary School, VIC
"ESL reads have definitely made an incredibly useful addition to our current resources."

Adult Education Teacher
AMEP, Skills First, SEE, VIC

What do the students think?

"I like this book because these things have happened to me too much and I could understand her feelings!"

Senior Secondary Student
Dari Speaker

"I liked the way it has pictures step by step.
It's an easier way to understand."

Senior Secondary Student
Hakha Chin Speaker

"I like this book because it's easy to read and understand what she is trying to say."

Senior Secondary Student
Karen Speaker